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Kahrs Wood Flooring Information

Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring UK: The Key Facts by Oak Flooring Direct Limited.

The Easiest Installation:

Kahrs UK Wood Flooring Systems offer easy installation, with the Kahrs Wood Flooring ‘Woodloc’ joint, the boards lock together mechanically, with a virtually invisible joint, providing great looking results in quick time, The superior fit also enhances the floors long term performance and durability.

Award Winning Looks and Performance:

But The Kahrs Floors, innovations are world renowned and their ranges of products have won numerous UK trade and consumer press awards including the Contract Flooring Journal and Contract Flooring Association industry awards for Hardwood Flooring Product of The Year for Eleven Years running.

The ‘Most Stable’ Engineered Wood Flooring Construction:

Wood is a beautiful and natural material, which is affected by climatic changes, and wood floor moves throughout the seasons, expanding in high humidity and shrinks in low humidity conditions. The Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring Multi-layered Construction minimizes this movement. It provides the correct balance between the top layer centre core and back, and ensures the whole floor remains stable in ALL conditions. The Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring products are 75% more stable than a Solid Wood Floor. This also makes this type of flooring a perfect partner for underfloor heating.

The Strongest Surface Finish:

The surface of the floor is visually the most important part, as a result all Kahrs surface treatments and finishes are strong enough to withstand even the toughest daily wear and tear, yet is also thin enough to enhance the floors natural lustre.

The Most Ethical Wood Flooring:

Kahrs Engineered Wood Floors are; Renewable, Resource Efficient, Solvent Free Finish, Recyclable, Long Service Life, Glue less, Low Emission Water Based Stains,

Easy Care and Maintenance:

The Kahrs Care and Maintenance Range Includes a variety of products, specifically designed to care for Kahrs individual surface treatments, The range of wood floor care products also includes repair and refurbishment products, with detailed maintenance instructions available on our Oak Flooring Direct website

Kahrs Installation Tools and Materials:

Kahrs offer a full range of tools and materials to make the installation of your new Kahrs wood flooring as easy as possible. The range includes a variety of underlays which offer moisture protection and acoustic benefits. We also offer installation tools finishing trims, skirting’s and mouldings to match the Kahrs Floors throughout the range.

Underfloor Heating with Kahrs Flooring

Kahrs wood floors are ideally suited to under-floor heating, providing that the floors are installed as recommended. Remember that the temperature of the finished floor should never exceed 27 degrees centigrade in any area.

The Kahrs Wood Flooring Guarantee:

Kahrs has been manufacturing quality multi-layered wood floors for more than 60 years, Kahrs Offer a 30 Year Guarantee on its Original range and 12 Years on its Linnea ranges.

Kahrs Reforestation Programme & FSC Fairtrade Wood: 

Kahrs work closely with local global and national organisations, to ensure the forest stocks are sustainable for future generations, Today Swedish forests are 60% larger than they were in the 1920s, Global pressures and challenges from around the world include illegal logging loos of forests to energy farming and palm oil tree plantations, Kahrs continues to work with Global reforestation programmes and leading environmental groups such as the FSC, EU, UN, WWF, Greenpeace and the EIA.

Healthy Floors:

In 1984 Kahrs was the first wood flooring manufacturer to fully utilize a waterbuses lacquer system to reduce emissions during production,. Over the years Kahrs has introduced a number of innovations aimed at lowering air emissions such as using the most advanced air filter system in Scandinavian industry, a clean production is not only good for the environment it also benefits the people working at our production facility.

Kahrs & Oak Flooring Direct:

Oak Flooring Direct has been working with Kahrs since the early 1980s and we are authorised Kahrs dealers, we carry an extensive stock of Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring, Underlays and Accessories. Oak Flooring Direct has established itself as being the number 1 authority on Kahrs products. We offer Free Kahrs Wood Flooring samples, Free Help and Support. Call our Friendly Expert Team Free on 08000566999.

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