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The new year is here, and with the new year comes the opportunity to complete your new build, extension and refurbishment projects. Often the winter slows progress and little work is completed over the Christmas period. The new year brings with it a new pace and projects soon speed back into the completion and finishing stages (the best and most enjoyable part). At this stage its important to select floor finishes as early as possible as the finished floor heights of engineered and solid wood floors are imperative to the success of your completed project, especially where there are features such as bi-folding or french doors (and new internal doors) being installed. As ensuring the correct threshold heights are achieved is essential to a great looking flooring installation, an oversight at this critical time often cannot be rectified at a later stage.

Underfloor heating is proving to be as popular as ever with new build extensions refurbishments and new build properties, all of our Engineered Wood Flooring products are compatible with underfloor heating, with the added benefit that wood flooring is inherently warm to begin with. The wood flooring solution provides a better solution than hard cold surfaces such as stone and ceramic tiles. Customers often ask for our advice regarding the sequence of flooring and kitchen installations,  We would always advise that the kitchen is installed first and that the plinths are adjusted to the correct height and set aside for installation at a later stage, this enables the flooring to be replaced at a later stage without removing the kitchen it also have the additional benefits of not having to pay for flooring under the units, the only exception to the would be a central island type units. The client may wish to alter the position of this type of unit at a later stage therefore its best to install flooring under these units (unless they are exceptionally large). The other hot question of the moment is how and when to install engineered wood flooring over underfloor heating? Assuming the heating system is a water based type set into a new screed or concrete base, The general flooring rules apply (as always) the floor must be smooth, dry and level and even, then the underfloor heating must be commissioned and run before the installation of any flooring, just to ensure that the floors and fully dry and that there are no faults with the system, The flooring can then be installed either as a floating flooring with a suitable underlay (designed for underfloor heating) such as our excellent Provent Underlay, or fully adhered (stuck down with a suitable adhesive). There are other types of underfloor heating products on the market (too many to list in full) and we are happy to help with your own specific requirements just give our friendly Oak Flooring Direct team a call FREE on 08000566999

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