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Ever at the forefront of the wood-floor craftmanship, Kahrs continue to keep one step ahead of current trends in contemporary interior design.

Design et al is perhaps the most prestigious design magazine, aimed at the crème-del-a-crème of the interior design community.Hosting the International Design and Architecture Awards. Design et al intendsto showcase the most innovative and genuinely beautiful efforts of designers,architects and developers for the consumption of a global audience.

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Kahrs’ French Pattern is certainly a strong contender.

Re-interpreting a traditional parquet design and reminiscentof ancien-regime chateaux, the French Pattern uses an engineered format to quickeninstallation time and gives the installer improved options for cutting andjoining so they can ensure a truly aristocratic finish.

The effect of the geometric, concentric rectangle patternentrances and bewilders and will gift any floor space with all the grace anddignity of past centuries and old-world distinction. The pattern is availablein two colour-ways. The Rovere design is coloured a raw, sandy oak, suggestiveof privilege without pretention. The Fumor is a darker, richer shade hinting atcognac-warmed evenings spent in long-lost luxury.

At Oak Flooring Direct, we specialise in the supply andinstallation of the most technical high-end wood flooring, laminates and luxuryvinyls. Kahrs’ French Pattern might or might not be for you, but our priorityas a company is to get you the right product at the right price. We even havequality engineered wood-floors starting £31.95 + VAT:ë-Oak-Brevik-1-Strip-180mm-Matt-Lacquered

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