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Just looking around online or in the store can be helpful, but nothing is more important than seeing how the material looks in your own home. The lighting in stores may not accurately represent how it will look when it’s...

Our stunning ranges of Norske Engineered Wood Flooring have been expanded for 2017 with more products and wider range of colours and finishes, all as ever with Norske using only the highest quality european manufactured products at the very best prices, offering our valued customers the...


The new year is here, and with the new year comes the opportunity to complete your new build, extension and refurbishment projects. Often the winter slows progress and little work is completed over the Christmas period. The new year brings with it a new pace and projects soon speed back...


The style of flooring used in a room is a uniquely powerful way to set the atmosphere. Whilst traditionally many people opt for a medium to dark wood floor, some can find this to look dated or overbearing. Additionally, there’s always the risk of your new flooring blending in with, or even clashing with any existing wood furniture.

For those not afraid to push the boundaries on interior design, looking for a trendier modern look, white or grey wood flooring can bring a refreshing feel to your space. 






There are many types of Engineered Wood Flooring to choose from when looking for wood flooring for your home. Oak Flooring Direct, an online retailer, with showroom located in Bristol are certified Kahrs and Boen dealers, we only sell the highest quality engineered wood floors, and having been around since 1967 our staff have the knowledge and experience to help guide you in finding the best engineered wood flooring for your space. White engineered wood floors are growing in popularity, so we wanted to share with you our most popular white engineered wood floors. 

Animal Friendly Floors

Did you know that over 9 million households in the UK have a pet dog? Now that’s a lot of **accidents** and sharp doggy nails scratching at your floor! Obviously then, choosing flooring which will suit both you and your...

Which underlay is best for you?

We always recommend that underlay should be used when...

A brand new high quality wooden floor can represent an investment that will last for years and years, with some products guaranteed up to 30 years its important to get your choice right at the first instance.

So what factors should you consider when buying a wood or laminate...