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Your Animal Friendly Flooring Guide

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Animal Friendly Floors

Did you know that over 9 million households in the UK have a pet dog? Now that’s a lot of **accidents** and sharp doggy nails scratching at your floor! Obviously then, choosing flooring which will suit both you and your canine friends needs will need a good long think about.

In this guide we have put together a list of what we think are some of the best solid and engineered wood flooring boards available for those of you with cats and dogs, bearded dragons and ferrets - you get the idea…

Firstly, we wouldn’t suggest choosing flooring with a satin lacquered finish, simply because the ‘sheen’ on this finish is likely to show any scratches and scrapes far more visibly.

We would generally recommend choosing a matte lacquered board or even better, an oiled board, as scratches on oiled flooring can be easily touched up by sanding down the small area surrounding the scratch and then refreshing it with a touch of refresher oil, whereas lacquered floors would need to be completely sanded and then re-lacquered for any deep scratches/gauges.  

Even better would be going for a board that is rustic and better again, brushed.  

Below are a range of boards priced between £23.95 - £75.65 per m2 (ex vat) that fall under these criteria that we think would be perfect for you and your furry (and maybe not so furry) friends:

The budget-friendly option

Norske Oak Halden 3-Strip Matt Lacquered Brushed

(£23.95 per m2 ex vat) 

OFD Sawn Oak White Smoked Distressed Natural Oiled board

(£38.95 per m2 ex vat)

OFD Oak Claremont 1-Strip Oiled Brushed board

A stunning oiled, brushed & knotty board with an extra thick 6mm wear layer – perfect for anyone with pets as you can sand it down at least 5 times during it’s lifetime. The brushed effect gives it lots of texture and this will hide any minor scratched very well.

(£45.00 per m2 ex vat)

Kahrs Oak Earth Oiled Smoked Brushed Bevelled board

A rustic hand scraped board that has been smoked giving the board a dark brown impression

(£61.20 per m2 ex vat)

The premium options

Kahrs Oak Grande Castillo 1-Strip Oiled Smoked Brushed Bevelled

A country grade board that has splits and cracks and has also been brushed to add texture to the boards.

 (£75.65 per m2 ex vat)

Kahrs Oak Maggiore 1-Strip Oiled Brushed Hand scraped Bevelled

A country grade board that has splits, knots and cracks giving the floor and old worn feel. Perfect for disguising any scratches and marks.

 (£66.30 per m2 ex vat)

Although our list is just a guide, we hope you found it a useful read when it comes to choosing your perfect wood flooring – and if you have any queries regarding any of these products, or any other product for that matter, just give us a call on 0800 0566 999, or drop us a line at

Last update: Mar 28, 2018
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