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Installing Wood & Laminate Flooring Around Kitchen Units?

  • Installing Wood & Laminate Flooring Around Kitchen Units?

One of the most asked questions when it come to engineered wood, solid wood & laminate flooring in Kitchens would be:

'Do I install my new flooring under the Kitchen units?'

There are several opinions on this issue, Some tradesmen often prefer to install the units on top of the flooring to save time and effort, but this is not the correct way to proceed., and is NOT to the advantage of the customer or homeowner.

We would ALWAYS recommend installing the Kitchen Units First, for the following reasons: 

  1. Lets Save Some Money! Why pay for flooring under units when it will not be seen and has no purpose at all what so ever, installing the Kitchen units first will enable you to take an accurate measure of the area to be covered, who doesn't want to save money!
  1. Other Trades Damage New Floors! lets get all of the trades out of the way before we install our new floor, damaging your new floor can be heartbreaking but its easy to avoid.
  1. The manufacturers recommend it! most manufacturers recommend that floors are not installed under Kitchen units as the heavy weight of the units can pin the floor down, preventing the natural expansion and contraction of your new flooring. ALWAYS follow manufacturers recommendations as warranties will be voided if you do not.
  1. Accidents happen! Washing Machines Leak! Appliances Breakdown, Plumbing Leaks! Boards get Damaged! sometimes things don't go according to plan, swapping out a damaged board in a floor that has been cut around Kitchen units can be achieved by a competent person, (especially with glue-less engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring) swapping out a damaged board or a section of flooring with the Kitchen units installed on top can be extremely difficult and can result in the Kitchen having to be taken out completely.
  1. You want to change your flooring! you may wish to change your flooring, but keep your Kitchen units, this can be more easily achieved with the flooring cut around the units.
  1. Exceptions to the rule! Exceptions to the rule would be that flooring is normally installed under free standing Appliances such as Cooker Fridges Etc... and often smaller island units (that are not too heavy) are installed on top of floors as often the position of these are changed or altered or removed completely.
  1. Things to check! Still check that adequate expansion is allowed when cutting around units and up to any adjustable feet etc... pinch points must be eliminated wherever possible, Check also that all appliances, plumbing and pipework are fully tested.
  1. Damage from free standing appliances! if you have free standing appliances, these will need to be moved into position over the top of your new flooring, delivery operatives and installers can be less careful than you would like or expect, take care to ensure that the floor is fully protected during this process using adequate and safe lifting equipment, an appropriate number of operatives and if required hardboard of plywood protection for your floor, taking care at this stage is much easier than an expensive repair to your new floor.

We hope you find this guide useful and your new high quality wood floor looks great for years to come, should you require any additional information CALL US! we love to help! or friendly expert team are on standby! 

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